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WS to navigate menus.

AD to select menu option or adjust game settings.

Instruction Manual

Press the corresponding letter on your keyboard to activate a key on the ground.

Red ones: Push the troll away from the key.

Blue ones: Pull the troll towards the key.

Keys will break if the troll managed to touch one - he's out of control!

Bombs explode if the troll touches them - blasting him uncontrollably away!

Snowflakes freeze the troll - slowing him down for 2 seconds.

Whirling vortexes will switch the letters on all of the keys - don't lose control!

The troll will bounce of walls - they are too solid for him to smash through!

 Hit CTRL or SPACE when the troll is on the CTRL space to capture him - control that troll!

Have fun and get as high as score as possible!

This was made in 48 hours for GMTK JAM 2020, with a theme of "Out of Control".

Programming was done by me.

Music and SFX was all created by me using LMMS and BFXR.

Art bought from FinalBossBlue:

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Surprisingly fun and creative.