Play as an the fastest assassin alive as you blitz through 5 levels of dynamic, dash and smash filled action!

Assassin Speed City is a game built with speed running as it's core focus. You can practise each of the levels individually, or try to beat your personal best as you go for an uninterrupted full run, facing each level back-to-back without a break.

Assassin Speed City Features:

  • 5 Unique and Varied Levels - designed to be completed as fast as possible
  • Training Mode - allowing you to practise each level without needing to play the rest before hand
  • A Full Speed Run mode - beat all levels back to back for a true speedrunning experience
  • Fantastic Art - sourced from 2 incredible artists (CleanCutGames, edermunizz)
  • Sound effects produced by my *cough* unique *cough* voice

See how the game was developed over 2 weeks by checking out my youtube channel!

Part 1:

Part 2:

The Sound..

The sound design for Assassin Speed City is the least refined aspect of this game. So feel free to hit [M] and mute it - just play your own music instead (or not, you don't have to do a single thing I say)!

The sound also doesn't load sometimes and I'm not sure why! Oh well!


I'm not planning on making any updates to the game, but if there's some interest for some additions- I can fix any bugs and possibly add some more levels for people to play!

Art Credit


Character sprites (Assassin, Knight, Demon, Winged Demon); Multiple VFX Frames.


Background "City Night"

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i had to stop playing so i could say i loved the sound effects, i could picture you recording them XD

keep up the great work, your incredibly talented 

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pretty cool game ngl